An Ounce of Prevention | Training is the Brink’s Advantage

February 13, 2013

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Brink’s employees attend a host of training programs to practice safety and security skills.

In 2012, there were 42 armored truck robberies reported in the United States. Of those, only three involved Brink’s.

Considering Brink’s size and the number of trucks on the streets at any given time, this is a remarkable number—but it’s not at all surprising. At Brink’s, security is our highest priority, and we invest the time and effort to train our employees and give them the tools they need.

Brink’s employees attend a host of training programs to learn and practice safety and security skills, including:

Anti-Robbery Training: Rivaling that of elite police force programs, Brink’s Anti-Robbery Training combines classroom learning and practical simulations to help employees master street safety, reaction and awareness techniques.

Firearms Training: Brink’s crews are certified using real-world tactical firearms in a simulated environment.

CAPS Training: The Canadian Academy Practical Shooting (CAPS) system allows employees to engage in live scenarios, such as a shoot/don’t shoot situation, in simulated environments.

Smith System Driver Training: A professional driver program and advanced driving refresher training help keep Brink’s crews—and those around them—safe.

Security differentiates Brink’s. Our employees know it, our customers know it, and judging by the numbers, criminals know it, too.

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